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Jeff Flake hired at CBS, criminal Andrew Gillum hired at CNN amid thousands of media layoffs

Mixed emotions fill the world of blue checkmarks this week.

Last Wednesday, BuzzFeed announced plans to lay off 15% of its overall workforce. The layoffs are expected to affect around 200 employees in multiple divisions and verticals – particularly, its’ National news divison.

Verizon will trim 7% of total staff, about 800 people, from its media unit, which includes HuffPost, Yahoo and AOL. Those layoffs include HuffPost’s opinion and health sections.

Warner Media announced last Friday it would close its digital investment arm, WarnerMedia Investments, which backs publications such as Mic, Mashable, and others.

Newspaper giant Gannett has begun slashing jobs as well. Gannett is the company behind USA Today and large local newspapers like The Indianapolis Star and The Arizona Republic. At The Knoxville Sentinel, University of Tennessee women’s basketball reporter Dan Fleser is out after more than 30 years in sports.

The job losses followed sales or cuts at Mic, Refinery29 and elsewhere. But publishing as a whole had already shrunk sharply.

Normal citizens, however, who don’t spend all of their time Tweeting about inclusion and trying to destroy a Presidency are likely rejoicing. The National Press Club, who uses its’ initials – NPC – is even donating food and drink to the laid-off “journalists.”

While writing this article, I read a number of sources on this story. Every single one of those sources (Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, New Yorker, to name a few) named the culprit of the layoffs as Google and Facebook. But how true is that?

In an age where social media and citizen journalism seems to be the new trend, I took a look at some statistics and studies on media to see beyond the carefully crafted narrative created by the very people whose jobs are in danger (of course, they don’t have any reason whatsoever to be biased).

This website’s study predicted that the death of the newspaper actually occurred in 2017. The graphic below is from

According to The Hill’s Joe Concha, 72% of Americans say traditional news outlets ‘report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.’ Polls by Gallup and The Knight Foundation echo those sentiments.


The news media is busy blaming Big Tech for their problems instead of looking inward, as John Solomon correctly muses. We, The People’s greatest enemies are turning on each other as the competition to control Americans once again heats up.

Meanwhile, Senator Jeff Flake has been hired at CBS:

 “There may not be a place for a Republican like me in the current Republican climate or the current Republican Party.”

Jeff Flake

Flake was the junior senator from Arizona, one of the few Never-Trump Republicans.

Andrew Gillum, white-collar criminal who is still being investigated, joins CNN. Birds of a feather flock together.

In order to end this article with a triumph, I’ll add this final bit here. For months now, rumors about Dan Bongino’s employement (or lack thereof for now) have been swirling since he left NRA TV. Many fans, including myself, guessed that Dan’s next move would be to Fox. According to Mediaite and other Twitter pundits, that guess would be correct.

Mediaite says Fox News spokesman has confirmed this is the case. Congratulations, Joey Bag O’ Donuts.

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