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Another confirmation of Q’s 2-day timeline change

In this Q post on January 5th, 2019, Q told us that the timeline was two days ahead of schedule. Since then, anons have been able to confirm this by lining up Q posts from 2018 with events and Tweets in 2019. The idea that the map is one year ahead (so that Q’s 2018 posts actually take place in 2019) is a long-held theory, and looks to be all but confirmed by Q.

The graphic above confirms, once again, Q’s timeline jump. In an incident today, a pedestrian hurled themselves in front of POTUS’s motorcade. This incident unlocks a Q post from February 1st, 2018. That post states:

POTUS is safe.

Protected by Patriots.


Until now, anons had not been able to decipher the meaning of Q’s February 1st drop. Reminder, anons: News unlocks the map.

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