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New Ruling in Carter Page vs. DNC Civil Case: DISMISSED

You can read the court dismissal document here.

A more detailed document is here. A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page against the Democratic National Committee, the law firm Perkins Coie, and Perkins Coie lawyers Marc Elias and Michael Sussman. The judge made it clear that the lawsuit showed absolutely no reason for being filed with his court in the first place.

In the 5-page order, Judge Heaton stated that Page’s lawsuit must be dismissed because it was filed in a jurisdiction that does not have authority over any of the defendants. The complaint was brought in federal court in the Western District of Oklahoma. Neither Elias nor Sussman live in the state, and neither the DNC nor Perkins Coie are based there, although Page previously argued that the DNC has a state affiliate in Oklahoma.

Dr. Carter Page was suing the plaintiffs on several claims, including defamation. The judge has dismissed the case on the grounds that the “court lacks personal jurisdiction over the defendants.” The document also states that “The Plaintiff has offered nothing to suggest that the individual defendants are domiciled in Oklahoma, and it appears undisputed that none of them are.”

In an exclusive interview with Law & Crime, Page stated, “there were key facts alleged in my pleadings which were not taken into account in today’s order and are directly relevant to personal jurisdiction.” Page referred to a letter he sent to the court in which he asserted that the defendants could “foresee [the dossier’s] possible use inOklahoma.” Page also claimed that if the court wanted, he could provide other evidence of ties to Oklahoma, “preferably under seal to protect the integrity of ongoing law enforcement investigations.”

You can see some of the information that Carter based his lawsuit on here.

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