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The Most Insane Highlights of the Compromise Border Bill

The White House says President Trump will sign the compromise bill to fund border security, but he will declare a national emergency to build the wall. Both the House and the Senate passed the bill Thursday evening.

After a vote of 300 yeas to 128 nays, the House passed the border security and other appropriations funding bill. Nancy Pelosi has signed the bill at an enrollment ceremony, which allows the bill to be passed to the president for final signature.

The bill itself is called, “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” and is H.J. Resolution 31.

Many are urging the President not to sign the bill. As of today, February 15th at 5:03 PM CST, President Trump has yet to sign the bill. You can read the bill in full at this link.

Quick Summary

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Immigrant Child Sponsors

This piece, Section 224 has already been policy, and refers to guardians, “sponsors,” “potential sponsors,” or even merely “members of a household of a sponsor” who come forth to claim an unaccompanied minor. This part of the bill gives protections to illegal aliens who sponsor unaccompanied minors. This policy has been used in order to free up beds. You’ll also notice that the second image provides some caveats; namely, those charged with felonies relating to crimes against children are not covered. Also, if the sponsor or caretaker of the child is unrelated AND unpaid OR unable to attend school, they are not covered. Note that being related to the child is not a caveat here.

Many consider this granting sanctuary status to illegal aliens who have children with them, and it certainly does sound absolute in nature. But I would point out that it does not state that the person will never face deportation or “removal,” but that they won’t be apprehended when they come forward to claim an unaccompanied minor.


Prohibited Wall Locations

In Section 231, there are a number of places where use of funds to build a wall is prohibited. Thankfully, the President has already begun building the section of the wall that rests in Rio Grande Valley, which is one of the border areas that is most trafficked. Rep. Cuellar’s budget amendment above voids these wall-construction contracts in the protected areas.


Army Corps of Engineers

The above section mentions both the Army Corps of Engineers and “altering of the transript of actual testimony of witnesses.” This verbiage comes from the Office of Management and Budget in the President’s portion of the appropriations bill.

The section on the Army Corps, specifically, is quite confusing and worrying – especially since Q recently confirmed that Anons were correct that the Corps would be helping to build the Wall. Oddly, the Corps of Engineers is technically a part of the Department of Defense, which is not covered by this particular appropriations bill (they have their own!). The verbiage is that, “none of the funds may be expended for the altering of the annual work plan.”

If anyone has any insight on this clause, please leave them in the comments!


Guantanamo Bay

Check this out, anons. None of the funds may be used to transfer, release, or assist in the transfer or release of a detainee who is held at Guantanamo Bay.


Potential Wall Funding

This clause in the President’s budget enables him to have $1,000,000 for “unanticipated needs, at home or abroad.”

Could our POTUS use this $1,000,000 to boost the Border Wall budget?


Federal politicians, elected officials, and select personnel as outlined above are not exempt from Federal passenger and baggage screening. (Here’s lookin’ at you, Shifty Schiff!)


Immigration Funding

In Section 230, you’ll find dollar amounts broken down for border security funding. In the Rio Grande Valley Sector, one of the worst immigration hotspots in the country, a mere pedestrian walkway will be built. $222,000,000 will be used for “humanitarian funding,” of course. Finally, the bill mandates that the funding can only be used to make the pre-approved steel bollard “fence” design… no concrete wall, other no prototypes or designs.


Department of Justice – IG

$101 million dollars’ worth of funds for our friend, Michael Horowitz, Department of Justice IG. (page 222)


Foreign Aid – Health

The bill secures more than $3.1 billion in foreign health services, more than twice for the wall. This funding is a part of USAID, which anons know is deeply involved in State Department shenanigans. The foundation mentioned, GAVI, is worth a deeper dive on. A short list of donors for GAVI includes: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Russia, China, Alwaleed Philanthropies, Lion’s Club, LDS, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, J.P. Morgan, and Google.

Foreign Aid – General

Yes, you read that right. $3 billion dollars.

Foreign Aid – Economic Support

Aaaaaand another $2 billion.

Foreign Aid – Migration & Refugees

Aaaaand another $2 billion, with $5 million of that going towards refugees settling in Israel.

No idea what is behind this, but I thought this was interesting. “Appropriations cannot be used for propaganda purposes.”

Chinese Tomfoolery Afoot

This section primarily references China:

SEC. 530. (a) None of the funds made available by this Act may be used for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), or the National Space Council(NSC) to develop, design, plan, promulgate, implement, or execute a bilateral policy, program, order, or contract f any kind to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China or any Chinese-owned company unless such activities are specifically authorized by a law enacted after the date of enactment of this Act.

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