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Disgraced Clinton Associate Anthony Weiner Released from Prison

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Weiner was transferred out of the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts prison and into the custody of a Bureau of Prisons residential re-entry center (also known as a “halfway house”) in Brooklyn, New York after just 15 months of confinement.

Weiner’s now in pre-release status due to “good behavior,” which inmates often get as they approach the end of their federal sentence in order to prepare them to “transition back into society.”

Weiner, New York Congressman and NYC mayoral hopeful, began his sentence in November 2017. He pled guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. He was originally supposed to get out in August 2019, but good behavior reduced his sentence 3 months. Weiner will remain in the halfway house until May 14. Weiner, who pleaded guilty to one count of transferring obscene material to a minor, had faced up to 10 years in prison. He now must register as a sex offender.

Note that Huma filed for divorce hours after Weiner bargained for a plea deal. At the time, Abedin was a “top aide” to then-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Recall that in this case, a search warrant was filed for Anthony Weiner. What came of that search warrant, by all accounts, was shocking. The warrant mentioned Hillary Clinton by name. According to the warrant, law enforcement wanted to go through Weiner’s laptop to see if there was classified Hillary Clinton correspondence.   The warrant noted that authorities believe there were “thousands of emails,” including many related to Clinton in Weiner’s computer. The warrant notes there’s probable cause to believe some of the Clinton data was classified and his laptop wasn’t authorized to have national defense information.

Weiner Warrant

Weiner Warrant – Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The FBI’s warrant to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Of note is that Clinton nor any others were ever prosecuted for anything that came out of the above warrant despite the fact that the FBI believed that there was “probable cause to believe that the Subject Laptop contains evidence, contraband, fruits, and/or other items illegally possessed.” However, citizens learned in the FBI Office of the Inspector General’s report, much later, that the FBI did in fact find some troubling items on Weiner’s laptop.

No Title

No Description

Despite the only prosecution in these matters being Weiner’s, for his sexual text messages, the above OIG report notes:

Coleman told us that he kept regularly took notes in a journal. Coleman’s notes from October 4 contained the following entry:

(1) Anthony Wiener [sic]

(2) [Unrelated] (3) Wiener [sic] – texting 15 yo – Sexually Explicit

9/26 – Federal SW – IPhone/IPAD/Laptop

Initial analysis of laptop – thousands emails

Hillary Clinton & Foundation

Crime Against Children

We know that there are district attorneys, namely John Huber of Salt Lake City, Utah who are working on investigations related to this injustice. However, Lady Justice continues to cry out in pain when it comes to the many, unknown victims of the crimes perpetrated by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

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