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Infiltration in the Capitol? Nancy Pelosi Calls Capitol Police on Angel Moms inside People’s House; POTUS staff members deter Angel Moms from Meeting with President. Q #779, #2746

Late last week, and after the new appropriations bill with border wall funding was released, the President was slated to give a press conference in the Rose Garden, presumably to announce the signature of the bill and his National Emergency. The President has faced opposition from all sides in implementing his trademark policies.

The Angel Moms, advocates from the Remembrance Project, has been one of the staunchest supporters of the President’s Border Wall project. According to Newsweek, an RNC analysis released last week criticized mainstream news networks for not booking one surviving family member of an American killed by an illegal or undocumented immigrant in the U.S during this critical moment of crisis. They have been widely featured on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program

Sadly, not only do angel moms and parents have to go through the grief of losing a son or daughter – they are also exploited, ignored, and abused by Democrats and Republicans alike as they travel across the country to beg lawmakers to address the issue they hold dear.

Last week, the angel moms from the RP descended on the Capitol in order to show their support for the President’s hardline immigration stance. Little did they know that their actions would come to show just how far those at the top are willing to go to protect voting interests. At their rally, they were heckled by leftists while they read self-written poems addressed to their sons and daughters.

Women for Trump on Twitter

Angel moms reading poems they wrote to their babies they’ve lost

Reported by the Daily Caller, one angel mom said, “72,000 people died in 2017. That is 197 people a day, and there’s no outrage … We have to secure our children, the opioid epidemic is real.” As someone who has been personally affected by the opioid epidemic, it’s frankly a shame on our country that we have failed to act.

On February 16th, Ryan Girdusky, a reporter for OANN, reported that the angel moms were struggling to get attention in Washington.

Ryan James Girdusky on Twitter

Angel moms came to DC early in the week, trying to schedule meetings with Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi. Schumer’s office granted them a meeting, Pelosi’s office called the police on them, but Trump’s WH respectfully said they couldn’t take a meeting.

Video and photo emerged on Twitter of Capitol Police blocking the hallways after Pelosi’s phone call with the angel moms. As the story goes, the angel moms proceeded to walk to Pelosi’s office after she refused to meet with them. When they arrived, a wall of police blocked the hallway leading to Pelosi’s office.

But wait, we should be saying. We thought Pelosi infamously said WALLS WERE IMMORAL!

I guess walls are only immoral if they’re protecting us deplorable citizens.

Julianne Thompson
Julianne Thompson

Note in the above picture, you see the wall of police standing in the sliver of hallway we can see from this point of view. Behind the woman in the blue collared blouse, you can see a door with a sign, and next to the door you can clearly see a police officer with a hat on, guarding the doorway.

Where is the non-stop MSM coverage of this? We’d like to ask all of you to retweet those tweets with the hashtag #ShameOnSpeakerPelosi.

Inside the thread displayed above, Ryan also says, “According to two sources, the order was coming right from Mulvaney to stop a meeting w/ the angel moms. The WH has ways of stopping info from coming to Trump, many members of the WH team who are hostile to the MAGA movement keep information from ever reaching POTUS’ desk.”

Mulvaney, who is President Trump’s Chief of Staff, was himself pro-immigration.

Mulvaney was once a GOP Congressman and one founder of the Freedom Caucus, who are staunch supporters of the President. At a 2014 town hall in his South Carolina district, he said [translated from Spanish]: “I am more than willing to have a discussion about allowing at least part of the 11 million people here illegally to have some type of status. I’m just disappointed that more people in my party don’t want to do that.” In fact, he once called the border wall plan “absurd.”

Interestingly, Mulvaney served as the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget since the president took office and was the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for more than a year. Many accounts, including this one, discuss Mulvaney’s lack of success at the CFBP as astoundingly bad for some people, but surprisingly great for others. Some employees described Mulvaney’s control of the CFPB as “destruction from within” to the MSM. Applying our learned knowledge & experience of how the MSM operates and treats those it seeks to destroy, we can probably assume that Mulvaney’s tenure at CFPB was likely marred by opposition to his ideals and had some measure of success.

Now, Ryan’s post might lead someone to believe that Sylvia Davis is the employee who denied the moms’ request. Little is known about Davis, who is a Deputy Policy Coordinator. As an employee at a “coordinator” (entry-level) level, Davis likely has relatively little power and would be beholden to the decisions made by someone at a Director level position.

Recall this Q drop, #779:

In drop #779, Q mentions “consumer protection agency,” in all caps. Note that there is no official government agency by that name. The closest organization bearing resemblance is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that we mentioned above, which used to be headed by Mick Mulvaney and was created from a proposal by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In decoding Q’s post, we can craft a narrative that would read like this: Mulvaney, who was appointed as head of CFBP by POTUS, was very much trying to radically change the organization created by Warren. The reasoning behind these changes were because, unbeknowst to the public, the agency was corrupt, infiltrated, and by all means, a slush fund.

Unfortunately, those efforts were only partially successful. Some say that the agency is all but closed, with Mulvaney cutting many of its programs and even some investigations. Since his appointment as WH Chief of Staff, Mulvaney has supported POTUS’s immigration efforts, going so far as to helping the OMB find the money for the Wall outside Congress’s budget appropriations.

Recently, Q posted this:

Q asks us if everyone remaining in the WH is pro-MAGA and loyal to POTUS. Q also asks us why we’re attacked by seemingly pro-MAGA outlets.

One America News Network is reportedly quite biased. And even though that bias is obviously extended towards the “conservative,” MAGA movement. Anons should always be discerning what they read or see.

The moral of the story? While the reports concerning the treatment received by the angel moms is terrible, I think these reports from OANN are Fake News, especially with the way this reporter set up doubts about Mick Mulvaney. This is another #FakeMAGA false flag, meant to sow doubt among supporters of the President. The establishment runs deep.

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