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Reminder: Sebastion Gorka, Q-Denier, is Banned from the White House by POTUS

In an article posted in August 2017, The Washington Examiner reports that White House staff alerted the Secret Service that Gorka’s Blue Pass had been revoked.

In two emails sent to the Secret Service Joint Operations Center and to White House staff notifying them that Gorka cannot be admitted, they wrote:

“Please notify officers of the following staff DNA: Sebastian L. Gorka (EOP-Blue Pass Holder). He has been made a DNA in WAVES and his pass has been deactivated (DNA).”

Source: MSNBC

DNA is an acronym for “do not admit.” WAVES is the White House’s entry system, and EOP is the Executive Office of the President. Former White House staff members told media outlets that these messages are highly irregular.

A second email was sent at 7:14 p.m., with a message flagged for staff telling them not to admit Gorka to the White House grounds:

“Mr. Gorka is more than likely still in possession of his PIV and the WH Pass, as his DNA status was performed without him being on Complex,” the email read.

An anonymous poster on the /qresearch/ board posted the article. Consider Gorka’s numerous tweets against the Q phenomenon:

Sebastian Gorka DrG on Twitter


Sebastian Gorka DrG on Twitter

Wise man. Q is GARBAGE.

Sebastian Gorka DrG on Twitter

@travis_view Nice try. Not biting. Q is still GARBAGE.

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