Republicans Flip Seats For the First Time in Quarter of a Century in Democratic Stronghold of Connecticut

Ronna McDaniel, GOP National Party Chair, celebrated the win on Twitter last night:

Ronna McDaniel on Twitter

Republicans just flipped two Democrat seats in Connecticut! Democrats have held both for years – one of them for more than a quarter-century. Great news for the state and our party!

In Connecticut on Tuesday, five Democratic legislators resigned to join the administration of Gov. Ned Lamont. This led to the need for a special election in Connecticut, to replace those lawmakers.

Republicans won two of the five state legislative seats at stake in special elections Tuesday, flipping House and Senate districts by carrying blue-collar communities that have grown difficult for Democrats. Especially notable is the win from Republican Joseph Zullo of the 99th House District, which was carried by Donald J.Trump in 2016, a harbinger of difficult times to come for the Democrats in a district they’ve dominated for three decades.

According to local media outlet CTMirror, “The 2018 election showed signs of a realignment in Connecticut, with Democrats carrying college-educated, relatively affluent communities that had long gone Republican. Conversely, even as they lost seats, the GOP showed continued strength in ethnic, blue-collar communities that once were solidly Democratic.”

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