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MSM Watch: Q in the News – Statistics for February 2019

An anon has posted an analysis of MSM hit pieces on Q for the past month. There were over 300 articles written and videos made on Q in February, 95% of them negative. The anon notes that since there were no major breaking stories focused on by Q this month, the articles were generic hitpieces and included the following subjects:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg; journalists posit that Q says she is “already dead”
  • “Dangers” of “conspiracy theories”
  • The Russian troll angle and Twitter accounts supporting Q; this was amplified by the “report” retweet from HRC, shared by Q
  • Q groups “may turn dangerous” if “expectations” are not met; violence seems to be a common theme in these articles. However, there is more talk of violence in the articles themselves than in any Q posts or anon posts.
  • Q group is the logical step forward from Pizzagate; this is used to discredit
  • Mar-A-Lago chef being a Q fan; MSM outlets doxxed a chef working for the family because she posted a Tweet about Q

You can see the trend line in the following graphic (click images to download):


As you can see from the image above, there ate a few very specific outlets who are particularly focused on debunking the Q anon phenomenon.

Outlets Focusing on Q

Name of OutletNumber of Articles
Washington Post50
Right Wing Watch38
The Daily Dot32
The Hill16
The Daily Beast16
Media Matters15
New York Times13
Huffington Post11
NY Mag6


Journalists Focusing on Q

Name of Writer
Number of Articles publishedRepresented Outlet
Jared Holt21Right Wing Watch
Mike Rothschild15Self, Daily Dot, Medium
Kyle Mantyla15Ring Wing Watch
Will Sommers13The Daily Beast
Ben Collins11NBC
Brandy Zadrozny8NBC
Abby Ohlheiser8WaPo
David Covucci7The Daily Dot
Andrew Whalen
Alex Kaplan6Media Matters
Tom Porter6Newsweek
Kelly Weill6The Daily Beast
Ellen Ioanes6The Daily Dot
Eli Rosenberg5WaPo
Andy Campbell5HuffPo
Ali Breland5The Hill, Mother Jones

Other writers who have written about Q are Natalie Martinez, Daniel Moritz-Rabson, Luke Barnes, Paris Martineau, Sebastian Murdock, and Ismael Daro.


The anon has shared PDF files with the articles in question.

PDF by author:

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PDF by publication:

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PDF by date:

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