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BREAKING: JW Uncovers Ohr Information; Nellie Ohr Was Working for DOJ at the Same Time She Was Working For Fusion GPS – Connecting the Dots

From Conservative Treehouse:

On Friday, conservative Doug Collins released an unedited and unredacted transcript of testimony from Bruce Ohr. We’ll be working overtime to connect the dots and bring you the connections revealed in the testimony.

 Nellie Ohr was working for the DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) in 2016, at the same time she was working for Fusion GPS. Nellie was a DOJ-NSD contractor providing analysis on issues relating to Russia and Organized Crime.  The release from Judicial Watch outlined consistent Nellie Ohr work within government throughout the time-frame within their FOIA request.  It’snearly certain that Nellie Ohr’s government work also extends beyond the time limits within the FOIA – that is to say, she was a regular contractor for the DOJ long before the Dossier incident.

So we know, with certainty, Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion-GPS and the DOJ at the same time. This becomes more important when you overlay a Daily Caller report of Nellie Ohr’s testimony which showed her research focus into the Trump family travel.

This becomes more of a central issue when we go back to the mistake about Michael Cohen within the Steele Dossier; that was also a mistake about travel.  [Cohen in Prague]   Our suspicion has always been that Nellie Ohr was exploiting her CIA authorized access to the FBI/NSA database doing research (ie. FISA abuse).

Additionally, it has always appeared to be evident that Nellie actually sent her research material to Christopher Steele (another Fusion GPS contractor), who was tasked to verify, find supplemental sourcing, launder the research and present it as a more official looking intelligence product…. The Steele Dossier.

It would just make sense the place where Nellie Ohr would be researching travel would be the FISA database (FBI/NSA).  Where else could she access that information?

Since 2017 CTH research has outlined that Christopher Steele was never the factual source of all the material inside the Clinton financed dossier.  Instead all indications of the granular details point toward Christopher Steele as the laundry process where Nellie Ohr and Glenn Simpson’s collaborative work was formatted into an intelligence product known as the “Steele Dossier”.

Research of central dossier claims, suppositions, accuracy and inaccuracy, points toward a process where Nellie Ohr provided Chris Steele with her research material and then Chris Steele was tasked with verifying, finding second sourcing, and formatting the final product into a series of intelligence documents that could be passed back to the FBI.

In essence, Nellie has always been the dossier author.

Fusion-GPS’s Glenn Simpson hired (contracted) Nellie Ohr in December of 2015.  It is highly likely this arrangement was due to Nellie’s research access to the FBI/NSA database.  Mrs. Ohr was almost certainly doing unauthorized wide-ranging FISA(702) searches using “about queries” (option 17) and “To/From queries (option 16).

Don’t forget: in 2016, DoJ personnel disclosed that the FBI had been employing outside contractors who had access to raw Section 702 FISA data, and retained that access after their work for the FBI was completed. Section 702 permits the government to target foreign persons located outside the United States for surveillance, with the purpose of acquiring foreign intelligence information. Oversight of Section 702 collection is supposed to be conducted by the FISC. For more on Title III and Section 702, see here.

Following this discovery, then-National Security Agency (NSA) Director Adm. Mike Rogers directed the NSA’s Office of Compliance to conduct an audit of the program, and eventually removed access to the database from any FBI contractors.

Rogers shut down all “about query” activity on Oct. 21, 2016. “About queries” are particularly worrisome, since they occur when the target is neither the sender nor the recipient of the collected communication—but the target’s “query,” such as an email address, is being passed between two other communicants.

On the same day, the DOJ and FBI sought and received a Title I FISA warrant on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. At this point, the FISA court still was unaware of the Section 702 violations.

John P. Carlin had to be aware of the FISA application on Page that was being prepared by the FBI. His lack of disclosure of the FISA abuses in the annual Section 702 Certifications paved the way for the Page application to pass. The FBI and the DOJ’s NSD were literally racing against Rogers’s investigation in order to obtain the FISA warrant on Page.

As all of this was transpiring, then-DNI James Clapper and then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter submitted a recommendation that Rogers be removed from his position as NSA chief. The move to fire Rogers, which failed, originated sometime in mid-to-late October 2016—exactly when Rogers was preparing to present his findings to the FISA court.

It was FISC Judge Collyer who wrote the April 26, 2017, FISA Court ruling on the entire episode. It also was Judge Collyer who signed the original FISA warrant on Carter Page on Oct. 21, 2016. Rogers informed Collyer of the ongoing FISA abuses by the FBI and NSD just three days after she personally signed the Page FISA warrant.

Now, let’s shift back to the Ohr story. The memory stick Nellie provided to Bruce contained all her raw research files.  Those files included stuff Chris Steele had already compiled, and research raw stuff that neither was able to verify – and search results that ever made their way into the dossier.

That memory stick likely provided the unlawfully extracted seed material for what the Mueller investigation ultimately used against Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. 

Within this hand-off, the FBI research and investigative unit, assisting Robert Mueller’s 2017 assembled team of prosecutors etc.,  was essentially the same FBI small group who were doing the 2016 ‘Spygate’ research. Nellie’s files gave Team Mueller a head-start and they didn’t need to file for as many search warrants because Nellie had already explored the database and extracted the material they would later use.

Thanks to Judicial Watch’s new release, we now know that Bruce Ohr was working as an intermediary between Chris Steele, Glenn Simpson, and the Robert Mueller investigation.

Both Bruce and Nellie were a pipeline of information that extended far beyond the timeline of the 2016 election.  The evidence shows they continued in their role long into Robert Mueller’s appointment. According to JW’s president Fitton, “The anti-Trump Russia investigation, now run by Robert Mueller, has been thoroughly compromised by this insider corruption.” 

He is likely correct. So what does it all mean, now?

Mueller’s later scope mandate from Rosenstein is based on that dossier. As a result, inside that dynamic there is a motive for Mueller’s team to stay away from discovering anything that might invalidate the dossier if they wanted to: (a) continue the appearance of legality for the prior exploitation; and (b) continue extending the investigation that is dependent on the dossier.

If things went sideways, direct contact with the central witness and dossier author removes plausible deniability.  Indirect contact, via an intermediary (Bruce Ohr), allows for plausible deniability and continuance of dossier use. This is the same reason why Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson are not on the witness list of people and entities announced by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.

You can find Judicial Watch’s document’s here.

You can find the Ohr testimony here.

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