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Q Decode #3115, #3131, #3132: A Last Resort + Epstein Case Update

Q posted this drop on 3/18/2019:

Mueller Report Delay?

Weeks ago, the media began reporting that the Mueller report would be released “any time.” Since then, talks of the report has dominated the mainstream news cycle and the narrative has changed with suspicions that the report will exonerate POTUS.

CNN believed that POTUS was “bracing” for the report, and that “tensions” were rising.

Stories from as far back as early to mid-February perpetuated the narrative that the report is due any day now. Was Q confirming that Mueller had purposely delayed the report, despite the media fervor? I believe he was. DC is definitely panicking, as even CNN states in the article above.

UPDATE: The Mueller investigation was completed today, March 22nd. Mueller has sent his report to AG Barr.

Adam Schiff is preparing his narrative, saying “any attempt by Barr to cover up Mueller’s findings would “stain the (Justice Department’s) reputation for years to come.”

Adam Schiff: Don’t hide Mueller, FBI findings on Trump. Protect America and rule of law.

CLOSE Justice gave the GOP Congress 880,000 pages on the Clinton email probe. There’s no excuse to bury information on Trump, Russia and counterintelligence. Last week, the House voted 420-0 to make special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings and report public. I hope Attorney General Bill Barr was watching.

The Real Panic

Q states that “the real panic comes in the form of a last resort.”

We know that the Deep State will stop at nothing to prevent President Trump from being exonerated and re-elected. I think we can discern from Q’s later posts, especially 3128, what that last resort might look like, and I believe that “last resort” is a play on words – a pun from Q.

I think that the Amicus Brief filed in relation to the Epstein case is related to the “last resort” mentioned in the drop. Sex trafficking and pedophilia has been a major theme in Q’s drops and we know that this is the “big bad” secret that major players are trying to hide. I’ll attempt to explain the new Epstein case developments as simply as possible, plus how they tie in here.

Last year, a motion was filed by the Miami Herald to have an Epstein case file opened. On Monday, a federal court in New York took the first step in unsealing documents that could reveal evidence of this international sex trafficking operation ran by Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was considered the ‘madam’ of his alleged child sex ring.

Earlier this week, an Amicus Brief was filed on behalf of John and Jane Doe, two anonymous people related to the Epstein case. It is an attempt to limit the public release of personal information that could connect them to an underage sex trafficking operation allegedly run by New York financier Jeffrey Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Jane Doe is most likely the female victim in the case, who has indicated she is amicable to the release of some information — as long as it doesn’t identify her.

John Doe submitted a brief in support of Ghislane Maxwell, who continues to fight to keep the court records, which allegedly show details of their sex exploits involving young girls — and other third party people who may be involved — under seal. Interestingly, we know from the documents below that John Doe is neither a victim or a party in either case — essentially, he’s not named as a co-conspirator or participant. So why does John Doe want to keep this information sealed?

John Doe’s Amicus Brief was filed by lawyer Nicholas J. Lewin. Nick works for the firm Krieger, Kim, & Lewin LLP. Lewin a former prosecutor from the Southern District of New York, which is the jurisdiction that is currently trying to destroy the President.

In 2012, Lewin also served as Special Counsel to then-FBI Director Robert Mueller for about a year-and-a-half as his advisor on a wide variety of national security matters. After Mueller left, he served ‘briefly’ as special counsel to Director James Comey, before returning to SDNY.

Q shared a link to the document in his drop #3132:

The documents that could be unsealed here aren’t directly related to the already-litigated case against Epstein. They are from a case that was filed against Maxwell in 2015. The victim claimed that she was recruited by Maxwell at 16 years old, and that it was a ruse for Epstein and Maxwell to sexually abuse her and other underage girls, some of whom were trafficked to other influential people, from 1999 to 2002.

The extent to which the feds were looking into allegations that girls were trafficked across state lines and even internationally when the investigation was closed is something we still don’t know, but could be revealed. This kind of information could lead to criminal accusations with regards to underage sex trafficking, especially among elites and could possibly break our research wide open.

No Title

No Description

“Large parts of that court record — are in the public interest, especially today. Mr. Epstein — for good or bad — is a focus of some things that are really important … and we feel this is something the public really needs to know about.”

Sanford Bohrer, attorney for Miami Herald

Alan Dershowitz filed his own appeal to unseal documents in the Maxwell case. He believes the case history contains documents that will exonerate him; he was previously accused in conjunction with this case.. Also party to the appeal is social media blogger Michael Cernovich.

Both Mike Cernovich and Federalist journalist Jesse Kelly believe that the John Doe party is very possibly Bill Clinton.

Jesse Kelly on Twitter

Shmill and Shmillary Clinton

The Last Resort

Connected to the Epstein case are the infamous photos of Bill Clinton and Epstein partying at an elite island resort in Punta Cana (once owned by AFL-CIO and now owned by Dem donors), which is close in proximity to the islands of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The resort’s name is Casa de Campo; however, sources say that much of the evil occurs on a private resort on the Punta Cana island. The entire region of Punta Cana has been in cabal control for at least 60 years, and is where some of their worst crimes are alledgedly perpetrated.

Punta Cana is likely the island where Jorge Torres and Laura Silsby Gayler, who is a Hillary Clinton associate, smuggled Haitian children in 2010. A Wikileaks email, now infamous, asks how much they’d like to price the children for. Bill Clinton got Silsby off the hook.

ICE is responsible for capturing Torres – why do you think they want to abolish and abandon ICE, some of our most hardworking citizens?


I believe that Q is referring to the “Players” section of the Q Map website, On that page, Hillary Clinton is number two, George Soros is number four, and Bill Clintin is number twenty-one.

Note that in relation to numbers, a (+) typically denotes something in the past, whereas a (-) denotes something still to come or not yet unearthed / released. However, this coincidence is too good to be true and the reference is highly relevant. I also find it credible that Q would use a resource that we already have and are aware of to highlight specific information.

While researching, I also found this crumb, and thought I’d share here:

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