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UPDATED: Got Over Half a Million Views, an All-Time High, Due to Vulnerability

Yesterday marked a notable jump in views on, arguably the most popular source for Q drops. Even the creator of Qmap went to 8chan to speak out about this.

Previous record highs were around the 300,000 mark or just below.

According to its’ creator, the online counter is measuring unique views within 24 hours:

The counter is the count of active and unique user sessions in the past 24 hours. It’s a rolling counter always showing the last 24 hours.

Here’s how it works:

1) user hits the site

2) user session is created

3) user session expires after 24 hours of inactivity

A user can’t have more than 1 session unless they logon from another IP.

I don’t know what is driving the increase. Could be users or bots. Have to investigate further.

I had to add another web node this afternoon due to the load increase…


The owner of Qmap posted an update Saturday morning here. He said:

qmap owner here. Not sure if Q’s post about “post tracking site” refers to qmap censoring/adjusting user counts. But let me explain what happened past 2 days if it does.

ResignationAnon was claiming on twitter that he found a way to inflate qmap’s user count. He created a script that could create endless sessions and he used it the other days when qmap counts jumped 200K+ rather quickly. I contacted him, did some testing, and it does look like he found a problem.

So I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out a new way to represent online counts. The old way was counting user session over the past 24 hours. The new way was to count unique user IPs in the past 30 minute (instead of 24 hours).

This has caused a lot of confusion which I am sorry about. I’ve decided to just remove the counters for now. Last thing I want to do is interfere with the plan!

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