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FINALLY: Mueller Has Finished His Special Counsel Investigation

On Friday, March 22nd, at approximately 4:45 PM, the world was notified that Bob Mueller has finally finished his Special Counsel investigation and had given Attorney General William Barr his final report.

The Attorney General announced this to lawmakers in a letter delivered to the House and Senate judiciary committees. 

What we know

We already know that Mueller has not recommended any additional indictments. This means that anyone who hasn’t already been charged with a crime, won’t be (unless the indictment is sealed, which is unlikely here).

 The investigation did not charge any Americans with coordinating with Russia. It’s therefore reasonable to assume that there was no involvement by the Trump campaign.

Mueller’s investigation cost tax payers tens of millions of dollars. It uncovered tax fraud, petty financial crimes, process crimes and charged several people associated with lying.

Mueller’s report was first delivered earlier Friday to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein delivered it to Attorney General William Barr within minutes, says Fox News. Rosenstein was in charge of the investigation before Barr was appointed, and was the DoJ official who appointed Bob Mueller.

Barr says that he will try to brief committee members on the report’s findings sometime this weekend, even though Congress is currently on a recess.

Mark Meadows with an astute observation:

Mark Meadows on Twitter

The Mueller report delivery suggests no more indictments are coming from the Special Counsel. If that’s true, it would mean we just completed 2 years of investigating ‘Russian collusion’ without ONE collusion related indictment. Not even one. Why? Because there was no collusion

You can read Barr’s letter in its’ entirety below. Click the image to view the file in full size.

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