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BREAKING: AG Barr’s Letter Summarizing the Special Counsel Report Has Been Released – Read It Here!

This new letter, addressed to the leaders and ranking members of the dual chamber Judiciary Committees, is comprised of the principal conclusions reached by Mueller. Barr says his review of the official report is ongoing, but believes it is in the public’s interest to release the information as soon as possible.

The letter confirms that there will be no further indictments and that there are no sealed indictments, contrary to media coverage.

High-Level Overview

By The Numbers

The investigation’s report is in two parts: Russian interference in the 2016 election, and allegations of obstruction of justice committed by the President.

Barr says in the letter that due to public interest in this matter, he will release as much as the report publicly as possible, excepting anything that by law cannot be released. That includes sources and methods, names of private citizens, grand jury material, and material that is under the scope of executive privilege. Barr confirms that the report does contain such material, and that it will be redacted or unreleased in accordance with the law.

Barr says that the timeline for releasing the report to the public depends on how fast the Department can process such redactions, and that he will be asking those Special Counsel employees who are staying for some time, for help. My guess is that is why these employees will be staying on for some time longer — contrary to fake news reports alleging that these employees may be preparing more indictments, or other insinuations.

Russian Interference

Mueller’s substantive report outlines Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. and documents crimes committed. A primary consideration was whether any Americans joined in on this effort. The investigation found that no one in the Trump campaign was involved in these efforts. There were two main efforts by Russia or its’ nationals.: A) disinformation and social media operations and B) computer hacking operations. Mueller says that Russia was behind the computer hacks into Clinton and DNC servers, which was sent to Wikileaks and later released by Wikileaks publicly.

Obstruction of Justice

After making a “thorough factual investigation,” Mueller purportedly laid out arguments on both sides of the issue. Therefore, the Special Counsel did not make a determination on whether or not the President committed obstruction of justice. This hands the ball to Attorney General Barr to decide whether or not to indict the President, and the AG says that the fact that a sitting President cannot be indicted did not factor into this. AG Barr and DAG Rosenstein have decided that the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the President committed obstruction. Our opinion here is that Barr’s strong past opinions on executive rights given by the Constitution plays into this decision. Also, part of obstruction of justice requires an intent to do so, which was not present.

Read the Letter:

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