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Q Decode #988: [April] Showers Gives Us a Glimpse of Next Month as Jason Chaffetz & Sara Carter Say IG Report Coming in 30-90 Days

Some key interviews from this week outline how close we are to the end of Inspector General MIchael Horowitz’s penultimate investigation into FISA abuse with respect to Carter Page and the Russia hoax. It appears, based on these interviews, that word around D.C. is that the report could appear in the next 30-90 days. Q anons will note that this estimation is in line with Q drop #2681, in which anons received a 90-day timeboxed timeline. We’ve posted these clips for you below. We also want to tie in a past Q drop in this, as well.

Let’s go back to Q drop #988 to refresh our memory:

Since we have confirmed that these posts from 2018 are one year and two days behind schedule, we can date this post as applying to 3/31/2019. Here, Q outlines what will happen in April 2019. The “IG Report” line item infers that the report will be released. Media figures such as Sara Carter and Jason Chaffetz are now saying the same.

The “Sessions public attack” line makes sense through the lens of Democrats’ refusal to accept the Mueller report — in time we will likely see a similar reaction to IG Horowitz’s report. Sessions commissioned the Horowitz report, so it makes sense for the Dems to place their blame with him.

We already know that the report will bring significant problems for Rosenstein, as he was acting as Director due to Sessions’ recusal and signed at least one FISA application while knowing that the application was based on false intelligence material.

Seals” refers to sealed indictments and cases, which are now at an unprecedented number of over 83,000. These sealed cases lead to our [A]rrests.

The Huber reference is likely referring to the fact that now that the Mueller investigation is over, many pundits have been pointing to Huber’s investigation for answers.

According to Q, it looks like other items we may see addressed in April are the election fraud issues, immigration (possibly a bill?), and the beginnings of the millitary’s actions in assisting with the border wall (where the funding will be primarily coming from).

Looks like it’s going to be a busy month.

The OIG Report is Finally Coming Soon

Inspector Horowitz confirmed that he is still working on the report at an Atlantic Council conference earlier this week. I recommend watching the conference video — many interesting tidbits in there.

Former Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appeared on Sean Hannity’s Friday night show during the announcement of the ending of the Mueller investigation. Note that Chaffetz has been a key political figure in Utah for the past decade, at the least; I’m guessing that he may posses some inside intel on this. He commented that he believed the IG Report would be released within the next 90 days:

Additionally, Sara Carter appeared on Jesse Watters’ FOX show on Saturday, saying that the IG report would “come out probably within the next month” — watch below:

Nearly one year ago, on March 28, Horowitz announced the start of the FISA abuse probe by his office, saying he was doing so following requests from Jeff Sessions and Republican members of Congress. At the time, the inspector general’s office said it would “examine the Justice Department’s and the FBI’s compliance with legal requirements, and with applicable DOJ and FBI policies and procedures, in applications filed with the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) relating to a certain U.S. person.” That “certain U.S. person” is believed to be Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

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