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Rudy Giuliani Says the FBI was ‘Conned,’ We’ll Find Out Who it Was, & There Will Be Justice (Psst..they’re a Democrat whose name might be CLINTON)

In an interview with Fox and Friends Monday morning, the President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave us a tiny glimpse into the administration’s steps taken to ‘investigate the investigators.’

As we all know, the FBI’s Russia investigation, coined Crossfire Hurricane, led to the Mueller Special Counsel investigation, even though we now know the information used to kickstart the investigations was falsified and paid for by on behalf of the opposing candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Watch the clip and read our transcript below:

Host Brian Kilmeade asks, “Did someone con the FBI into one of the greatest dirty political tricks in history?” Giuliani replied, “Yes, yes, yes! And you’re going to find out, believe me, who it was.”

All three hosts begged Rudy for a hint regarding the identity of the suspect. They guessed Christopher Steele, or “someone from the Obama administration.” Of course, Rudy refused to answer, saying that the administration is “still working on it.”

Rudy also replied, “Just pay attention.” The panel’s final question was, “Will that person be held accountable?” To which Rudy replied, “I believe so. We’re in an era of [having] a real Justice Department where just because you have a (D-) after your name, or CLINTON, or something like that, you can still be held to account.”

Late last week, we spotted Sara Carter and Jason Chaffetz talking about the Inspector General’s upcoming report, which is primarily investigating the FBI’s FISA abuse during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation; that report is expected to be released in the next 30-90 days. Click here to check those out.

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