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Who is Q? You'll never guess who's been talking to you here.

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Who is Q?

Q is a group of less than ten individuals, some from a military background. We can assume these individuals are close to and have access to President Trump. They exist to give us, his supporters, an "inside view" of what is going on in the Trump administration by utilizing hints and rhetorical questions to prompt us all to research certain topics. They do this in order to bypass the mainstream media's habit of inserting their own agenda into news stories and interviews.

Why is Q anonymous?

To make it more difficult for anyone to stop them, to increase the mystery and public interest surrounding them, to eliminate the possibility of discrediting them based on character assassination, and because anonymity is inherent to the forum they're posting the "intel drops" on. In specific cases, we've been told that anonymity also eliminates violating the Hatch Act and National Security laws.

What is the goal of Q?

Obviously, no one can speak to the personal motivations of the individual(s) referred to as Q. However, judging by the topics discussed and the research "rabbit holes" Q has led us down, we can come to a few conclusions about what their intentions may be. The first and foremost goal is to disseminate information to and for the followers and supporters of Donald J. Trump. This is commonly known as the "Great Awakening." As a past member of the mainstream media and former celebrity, Trump is aware of how the media machinates. His message is one that the "deep state," the media, and many others hate and need to prevent us from hearing at all costs. By posting as Q, Trump and his team can retain plausible deniability and still inform us, the people, of things they feel we should know. There are a significant number of "conspiracy theories" that have been circulating for many years, and the negative label of "theory" has relegated these discussions to the same pigeonhole as other "theories" which amount to nothing but wild conjecture and fantasy. This information has been ignored by those who have a platform for these many years because people lump them into a category of ridiculous and unprovable fantasies. Q is tactically releasing hints and clues about a number of these issues, legitimizing them and bringing them back into the realm of public discussion. These stories and hidden problems just below the surface are now being discovered and proven. These stories include elite pedophilia/human trafficking rings, the soft coup of the U.S. government and the institution of bureaucratic authoritarianism, the false premise of "regime change" and "nation building" and how it fits into the domination of the planet by the political and financial elite, the crony capitalist system of all-powerful government entities picking and choosing winners in the "free market", the undermining of the health and sovereignty of the American citizen, and the programming of the population through social engineering and cultural control.

What is "The Plan?"

"The Plan" is the long-term, multi-year, and multi-faceted mission to resolve the myriad of public issues referenced in the previous answer; furthermore, to educate the people worldwide about these issues. These problems are not new, and they are deep seeded issues that require fundamental change to the way we organize our government and economy. So "the plan" is the operation that the U.S. military and the Trump administration are engaging in to "drain the swamp" and "Make America Great Again" and accomplish many other "impossible" promises by President Donald Trump. "The Plan" is the plan to bring justice, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness back to American citizens.

Why would Donald Trump go to all this trouble?

According to Q, and this very long 1984 interview with the President, the plan has been on the forefront of his mind for decades.  It would be a fair guess to say that Trump likely planned his presidency for at least four decades. This NPR article lays out the framework that President Trump has been developing for decades now; he even predicts that his biggest audience and most fervent supporters would be - you guessed it - the working class.

When this question has been asked before, Q has directed us to watch the YouTube video below to understand exactly why the President decided to run and why he chose to do it at an opportune time. Listen carefully.

In this post, Q tells us:

Plane crash 1999.
HRC Senate 2000.
The “Start.”
Enjoy the show."

What proof is there that Q is legitimate?

There have been hundreds or perhaps even thousands of "proofs" that Q is legitimate.

You can find links to proofs in the Resources section of this website.

There have been a number of pictures posted by Q which have not previously been seen anywhere on the internet. These pictures were taken in locations and settings that would be impossible for anyone to photograph if they were not an individual of high-level security clearance. Furthermore the information Q hints at and connections Q makes indicate that Q is privy to a wealth of intel that they cannot share legally, and must rely on us to connect the dots on our own (with some assistance).

Since Q has been around for going on two years now, much of the information Q shared with us at the beginning in 2017 has already come true, and more information from 2018 is now coming true every day.

Where can I read Q's posts?

There are multiple websites you can use to read Q's posts.

Why 8chan?

Q uses 8chan to disseminate the message for multiple reasons. Q has said that multiple government intelligence agencies are both protecting and attacking the message. However, we believe the main reason for Q's use of 8chan is the anonymity it offers to both Q and the anons who confirm receipt of the message Q delivers. While 8chan also has its' downsides, Q has said it is the best place to post. 8chan is also one of the last bastions of free speech in the world online; very few forms or tones of speech are banned, removed, blocked, or deleted.

8chan is not for newbies, casual readers, or those who want to merely read Q drops. You can use popular websites such as Qmap.pub to read Q drops.

Is Q a conspiracy theory?


Q is a military operation designed to inform the general population of both new and old information. Q is NOT a "conspiracy theory." Q gives information regarding the most pressing issues of our times. Reading Q's posts and researching on the topics presented does not make you a "conspiracy theorist." That term is flawed and false. Most of the information Q has shared can already be found in the public domain. It is up to us to assemble and share with others. Q is not a theory. Q is a mission to inform the citizens of the world.

What is Q asking us to do?

The only things we've been asked  to do are:

Research and assemble the crumbs and facts.

Think for ourselves.

Stick together, trust ourselves, and stay united.

Create memes and infographics with the information we and Q assemble.

Use our research and memes to share and inform as much as possible.

What are crumbs, bakers, and breads?

There are many slang terms that originate from 8chan and/or our culture.

Bread: A thread on 8chan.

Baker: Someone who has created a thread on 8chan.

Crumb: A small tidbit of information shared.

BO: The Board Owner of an 8chan board.

Anon: An anonymous poster on 8chan, a person.

BV: A board volunteer, or board moderator.

Is Q violent?


Q's message is one of unity, positivity, standing together, and fighting with our hearts and minds.

Q has never asked anyone to assemble in person, to attack anyone, or to fight in a literal sense in any way.

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